Buffet means food

Mommy told me that on Saturday I could have a buffet.  I didn’t have a clue what a buffet was and I worried about it for 4 days.  I wondered if it was a trip, or a pet or if it hurt.

So today, Mommy said it was buffet time and she picked me up and took me outside.  I was so nervous I tried to claw my way back to the sofa.  She put me down in the middle of all the weasel dirt that we made a month ago.  Except, it wasn’t just weasel dirt.  There was food coming out of it, all over the place!!!

I ate and ate and ran to the next one and ate some more.  My tummy was full and everything tasted so good.  When I couldn’t eat another bite, I got good and comfortable on the rocks and almost fell asleep.  Mommy woke me up and told me that my buffet was over for the day, she took me inside and gave me a bath.  So, a buffet is food with oodles of choices.  I like buffets.  So, basically, the difference between buffet and dinner is that dinner comes on a plate and with a buffet you get to eat it while it comes out of the ground.  I need a dictionary.

Bob and the pea plants

Resting after eating my buffet.
Resting after eating my buffet.

Environmental Bob!

When I woke up this morning, I was my usual extraordinary self.  Now I am an environmentalist!  Yesterday we raked all the leaves into a pile and put them in the compost.  Then we wet everything down.  This morning we wet everything again and added piles of black icky dirt.  It was a mess.

We used a Garden Weasel, which isn’t even a weasel, it is a pokey thing on a red metal stick.  It was a lot of work, Mommy put it in the ground and twisted and I ran after the piles of dirt.  I ate leaves and little flowery things and got really wound up.  We twisted the weasel into the dirt over and over and over.

Then we took a break.  I had a 30 minute nap and Mommy had a people food.  We went back out with a baggie full of seeds and a box full of root-looking things and went back to work.  We dug holes in the weasel dirt and put the roots in there, and covered them up.  Mommy calls them bulbs but not one of them lit up like the bulbs in the ceiling fan.

We put stepping stones down and sprinkled seeds all over the weasel dirt and poured more dirt on it.  We watered it some more and scrubbed the lawn ornaments with a brush.  We put the lawn ornaments between the seeds dirt and the bulb dirt.  Then we watered our weasel dirt patches with a sprinkler.

I love the sprinkler.  It is like water lands on me out of thin air!  I got wet, dirty and tired.

We came back in and I got a bath – I was so tired I almost fell asleep in my bath.  I have to go to bed now because I am totally worn out.

Halfway through my day, I needed a rest.
I’m guard’n the garden.
We got the stepping stones and lawn ornaments in.  Now we are seeding.
We got the stepping stones and lawn ornaments in. Now we are seeding.

Earth-shattering Revelation!

I just learned where food comes from.  Brace yourself:  It comes out of the dirt!  I’m not joking! Mommy took me outside to see the long skinny buckets that she filled with dirt last month.  There were green things coming out of them!  Can you believe it???

Then she picked me up and put me in the dirt bucket and let me eat as much as I wanted.  It is so yummy.  There were white flowers all over the place and I ate them all!!!!!   No matter how much I ate, there was more everywhere I looked.  Buckets and buckets of food.  After I eat all the tops off one bucket, I go to the next one and eat more.

I wonder if everyone knows that food comes right out of a dirt bucket.  And Mommy makes such a big deal about turning on the oven during the summer.

Healthy food for dragons.  No iron.
Healthy food for dragons. No iron.