I’m a City Dragon

When we were in Sedona a week ago, I noticed that everything was so quiet.  Night was dark and day was sunny.  There were stars at night and the only noise I could hear was breezes, birds (I don’t like) and crickets (yummy).  Mommy and I gardened a lot today.  Well, she did – I had a buffet and a suntan, and we sat outside tonight, reading on the Kindle.  We heard traffic, sirens and the usual helicopters over the freeways.  It was too hot, and too loud and I loved it.  Every minute!

I have given it a lot of thought this week, and I have decided that I am definitely a City Dragon!

A city dragon's suntan.
A city dragon’s suntan.

Guard’n the Garden – again!

Today was probably my busiest day ever!  I started running amok from the time I got up until my nap.  After my nap I still had a lot to do.  A dragon’s work is never done.

Mommy ran amok with me.  She logged out of work this morning and we started right on the garden.  When it got too hot, we came in and started doing the floors.  Then I had a nap, and got right up and had oodles of dust bunnies to chase.  I got most of them.  We went back outside and finished gardening.  Actually, I mostly ate everything that was over 4 inches high.

Busy, busy, busy.
Busy, busy, busy.


Earth-shattering Revelation!

I just learned where food comes from.  Brace yourself:  It comes out of the dirt!  I’m not joking! Mommy took me outside to see the long skinny buckets that she filled with dirt last month.  There were green things coming out of them!  Can you believe it???

Then she picked me up and put me in the dirt bucket and let me eat as much as I wanted.  It is so yummy.  There were white flowers all over the place and I ate them all!!!!!   No matter how much I ate, there was more everywhere I looked.  Buckets and buckets of food.  After I eat all the tops off one bucket, I go to the next one and eat more.

I wonder if everyone knows that food comes right out of a dirt bucket.  And Mommy makes such a big deal about turning on the oven during the summer.

Healthy food for dragons.  No iron.
Healthy food for dragons. No iron.