Blue fingers are not food.

Taylor came to visit me today.  I don’t know what happened to her, but the tips of all her fingers turned a very shiny blue color.  I have never seen that.  I couldn’t stop looking at them.  I waited until she was very still and then it put my tongue on one of them.  They are not food!  Weird.

blue fingers1 blue fingers 2

One thing about Taylor.  She is very comfortable to sit on.  Her hair is very golden.  Next time she comes over, I’m going to taste it.  Maybe it’s food.

blue fingers 3   Maybe I should go eat my dinner.


I love television.  I learned that the supreme court said anyone can get married no matter what they are.  All the people were jumping up and down and smiling and I thought it was fascinating.  I am too young to get married but I decided I might as well marry some stuff.  I started off with my Pittsburgh Penguins bears that Aunt Fancy brought me from Pennsylvania.  Now they are married.  So exciting.  I’m going to go marry my minions next.



Do you take this bear........
Do you take this bear……..

Happy Birthday Wil Soles!!!

Today I attended the Birthday Party of my Mommy’s boss.  He woke up this morning a whole entire year older than he was when he went to sleep last night.  Since that kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, Mommy’s work threw a party for him.  His desk was decorated with balloons and there was cake and ice cream and a big bowl of strawberries.  I got to eat a strawberry and made a mess out of my car seat.  Oodles of fun.

Wil's Birthday