I will alphabetize as soon as I learn the alphabet.

Weasel Dirt – We have a red pole with a claw on the end called a Garden Weasel.  Mommy puts it in the dirt and twists and then puts topsoil on it and the dirt becomes black and gooey.  After a few weeks, food – oodles and oodles of food appear in the Weasel Dirt!

Buffet – Food that happens all over the place in Weasel Dirt.  I get to run from plant to plant and eat until I am totally full.  Buffet Days are mostly when Mommy doesn’t work, although buffet times are around 4 pm but they don’t last as long.

Math – Stevie’s favorite hobby.  It goes like this:  One, a few, bunches, and oodles.  Numbers are not good or bad, they just are.  For instance, if you have oodles of crickets, that is good, if you have oodles of fire ants, that is bad.



My name is Bob.  Easy.  But people have a habit of calling my by other names and I don’t really mind.

Aunt Fancy calls me Doodlebug and Sir Sleeps-a-lot.

Mommy calls me oodles of nicknames, but the weirdest one is:  Sweetie-pie-pumpkin-seed-honey-bunches-of-ohs.  Seriously, she says that.

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