Mommy’s Nervous Breakdown

Well, I was playing hide and seek with Mommy this weekend and I found a great hiding place in the corner of a table in the corner of a room.  I was so intent on hiding that I got overstimulated and fell asleep.  Mommy must have forgot that we were playing hide and seek (or maybe she didn’t realize it) and she tore the house up looking for me.  She even called a friend to come help her look.

After about 12 hours, Mommy was FREAKING OUT.  She finally found me and I woke up when I heard her.  She was so happy to see me that she didn’t let me out of her sight all night.  Boring!  I need to remember not to do that again, because it is a pain in the neck to have to stay right next to Mommy all day.

By the way, is it my fault that the table happens to be the same color as me???

Bob's hide and seek

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