How to Train Your Dragon

Some people think that only dogs and some cats are smart enough to be trained.  Not true!  There is one secret to training anything and anyone.  The secret is that you must say please.  Please is a magical word.  It shocks me that people don’t know that.  The entire animal and reptile community does.  I can’t speak for insects – I’m still trying to figure out the Pterodactyl that flies around the ceiling fan.  Also, it helps if you speak very clearly.



Blue fingers are not food.

Taylor came to visit me today.  I don’t know what happened to her, but the tips of all her fingers turned a very shiny blue color.  I have never seen that.  I couldn’t stop looking at them.  I waited until she was very still and then it put my tongue on one of them.  They are not food!  Weird.

blue fingers1 blue fingers 2

One thing about Taylor.  She is very comfortable to sit on.  Her hair is very golden.  Next time she comes over, I’m going to taste it.  Maybe it’s food.

blue fingers 3   Maybe I should go eat my dinner.