Dragons don’t have vocal cords.

So, I pretty much have the run of the house.  I try to be out in the open where Mommy can spot me as soon as she comes in the house, but sometimes she comes home when I don’t expect it.

She walks through the house saying stuff like, “Bob, where are you?” and “Please tell me where you are.”  My Mommy has known me all my life and she doesn’t seem to know that I can’t just say, “here I am.”  Some time she walks right past me and doesn’t see me.  I am so handsome that I don’t know how she can’t see me.

So today, (and I am not even joking) I was sitting right on her bed.  She comes in and she is calling me and looking for me.  She grabs her shorts and tank top, sits on the bed and starts changing her clothes.  10 inches from me.  But she keeps calling me and asking where I am.  I moved and it scared the daylights right out of her!  You should have seen her jump.  Where's Bob