I am learning tolerance.  Tolerate means different things to different people.  Aunt Fancy doesn’t tolerate empty drinks – especially if they are on the coffee table.  Mommy doesn’t tolerate bugs.  Stevie doesn’t tolerate car rides and I don’t tolerate being stuck with nothing to do.

I hate having a sore leg for 2 reasons.

1.  Mommy tricks me into the icky medicine, and it makes me sleep all day and night.

2.  There are dust bunnies under the couch but I am not allowed to chase them because I have to stay immobile until Wednesday.  And those dust bunnies better still be there on Wednesday.  My leg doesn’t even hurt, but when I try to get off my bed, Mommy flips out.

When I get bored I stick my bad leg out and Mommy comes running.  It is entertaining.

Bob's sore leg