Road Trip, Hotels, Snow and Colorado

Last Wednesday, Mommy got a phone call and decided to go to Colorado right away.  The cool thing is that she was in too big of a hurry to find a Critter Sitter so Stevie and I got to go with her.  It was all very exciting.  Mommy packed her suitcase and her work computer and then she packed a suitcase for Stevie and I.  This was really quite weird because we don’t wear clothes.  Our suitcase looked like an Igloo Cooler.  And it had a head of lettuce, a tub of worms, bottled water and some strawberries.

We got to stay in a hotel with a window in it.  Mommy brought a small cage for Stevie which made him irritable and I had the hotel room to myself.  Here is a little known fact about hotel rooms – there is no real good hiding places, but there is a window sill in it.  I got to see snow and a lot of people paid a lot of attention to me.  Mommy’s relatives said she was losing her mind and I have a feeling that was because of Stevie and I, but I know my Mommy better than they do, and her mind is fine.

We just got home today.  The car ride is the most exciting part, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay awake for much of it.


Stevie was not a big fan of Colorado!
Stevie was not a big fan of Colorado!
The only place to hide in a hotel room.
The only place to hide in a hotel room.


Dragons don’t have vocal cords.

So, I pretty much have the run of the house.  I try to be out in the open where Mommy can spot me as soon as she comes in the house, but sometimes she comes home when I don’t expect it.

She walks through the house saying stuff like, “Bob, where are you?” and “Please tell me where you are.”  My Mommy has known me all my life and she doesn’t seem to know that I can’t just say, “here I am.”  Some time she walks right past me and doesn’t see me.  I am so handsome that I don’t know how she can’t see me.

So today, (and I am not even joking) I was sitting right on her bed.  She comes in and she is calling me and looking for me.  She grabs her shorts and tank top, sits on the bed and starts changing her clothes.  10 inches from me.  But she keeps calling me and asking where I am.  I moved and it scared the daylights right out of her!  You should have seen her jump.  Where's Bob

I hate homework !!!

I have a friend named Taylor who comes to play with me.  She is so much fun and I have learned oodles about how to work a computer because she is so smart.  Unfortunately, Taylor does this annoying thing called homework and she doesn’t get to come over until her homework is done.  Mommy says that Taylor’s school will be over any day now and that should mean no more homework!  WhooHoo!  Here comes summer!


Taylor playing with Bob 1


I am learning tolerance.  Tolerate means different things to different people.  Aunt Fancy doesn’t tolerate empty drinks – especially if they are on the coffee table.  Mommy doesn’t tolerate bugs.  Stevie doesn’t tolerate car rides and I don’t tolerate being stuck with nothing to do.

I hate having a sore leg for 2 reasons.

1.  Mommy tricks me into the icky medicine, and it makes me sleep all day and night.

2.  There are dust bunnies under the couch but I am not allowed to chase them because I have to stay immobile until Wednesday.  And those dust bunnies better still be there on Wednesday.  My leg doesn’t even hurt, but when I try to get off my bed, Mommy flips out.

When I get bored I stick my bad leg out and Mommy comes running.  It is entertaining.

Bob's sore leg

Jumping off the furniture!

Well, I was in a hurry to get to the other side of the room, so I took a shortcut across the table and onto the floor.  That is why Mommy took me to the doctor.  She said it was so that we could make sure that I was ok.  I think it was to teach me a lesson.

That doctor sent us home with a little bottle of the nastiest stuff in the whole wide world.  It taste like earwax.  I’m guessing – dragons don’t have earwax.  Whatever it is though puts me to sleep.  I have slept my whole weekend away and it was supposed to be a very busy weekend.

Stupid bottle of ick.
Stupid bottle of ick.  I have things to do!


When I grow up

Stevie and I watched a television show about growing up.  I fell asleep half way through, I hope it comes on again tomorrow.  The lady on the show said that I can be anything I want to when I grow up.  Anything!  I am going to work on deciding what to be.

At first I wanted to be bright green or periwinkle with blue spots when I grow up, but Stevie said it doesn’t work that way.  He said I should choose stuff like astronaut, fireman, senator, and stuff like that.  This is something I should explore.  I am going to spend a lot of time on this decision because the lady on television said that I should explore all options.  What should I be?

I have a lot to think about.
I have a lot to think about.

I’m a City Dragon

When we were in Sedona a week ago, I noticed that everything was so quiet.  Night was dark and day was sunny.  There were stars at night and the only noise I could hear was breezes, birds (I don’t like) and crickets (yummy).  Mommy and I gardened a lot today.  Well, she did – I had a buffet and a suntan, and we sat outside tonight, reading on the Kindle.  We heard traffic, sirens and the usual helicopters over the freeways.  It was too hot, and too loud and I loved it.  Every minute!

I have given it a lot of thought this week, and I have decided that I am definitely a City Dragon!

A city dragon's suntan.
A city dragon’s suntan.