Blue fingers are not food.

Taylor came to visit me today.  I don’t know what happened to her, but the tips of all her fingers turned a very shiny blue color.  I have never seen that.  I couldn’t stop looking at them.  I waited until she was very still and then it put my tongue on one of them.  They are not food!  Weird.

blue fingers1 blue fingers 2

One thing about Taylor.  She is very comfortable to sit on.  Her hair is very golden.  Next time she comes over, I’m going to taste it.  Maybe it’s food.

blue fingers 3   Maybe I should go eat my dinner.

Happy Birthday Wil Soles!!!

Today I attended the Birthday Party of my Mommy’s boss.  He woke up this morning a whole entire year older than he was when he went to sleep last night.  Since that kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, Mommy’s work threw a party for him.  His desk was decorated with balloons and there was cake and ice cream and a big bowl of strawberries.  I got to eat a strawberry and made a mess out of my car seat.  Oodles of fun.

Wil's Birthday




Take your Dragon to work day

So, Mommy hit the snooze bar too many times this morning and got up late.  She didn’t have time to situate me, so she put me in the car and took me to work with her.  I mean, she didn’t have any choice – right?  She hates to be late, and the snooze bar is right next to the bed.

Turns out, I’m pretty famous at Mommy’s work.  I sat at Mommy’s desk for a while watching her click a mouse for like a billion hours and then I got bored and decided to go look for a paper shredder or a printer, something that makes the ‘zzzzup’ sound.  I stopped and visited a bunch of people at their desks.  I have lots of pictures, but Mommy said she has to scrub identifiers off first, so I can only post a few today.  These are just a few of my buddies.

Bob and Hwys friends Melissa and Bob Russ and Bob


I hate homework !!!

I have a friend named Taylor who comes to play with me.  She is so much fun and I have learned oodles about how to work a computer because she is so smart.  Unfortunately, Taylor does this annoying thing called homework and she doesn’t get to come over until her homework is done.  Mommy says that Taylor’s school will be over any day now and that should mean no more homework!  WhooHoo!  Here comes summer!


Taylor playing with Bob 1

My new blankie

Aunt Fancy finally left.  She brought presents.  Stevie got a new hiding cave, Mommy got a new dress, I got a brand new blankie with oodles of pockets all over it.

This is like my favorite Aunt Fancy present ever!  You have to understand my relationship with my blankies.  There is a law that states that all dragons have to sit under a UVA and UVB light for about 10 hours a day.  I hate my light and Mommy feels bad that I have to do it, but it’s the law and Mommy is all about the law.  As soon as dragons are allowed to run for Congress, I am going to get elected and change that law.

Anyway, the only way that I can tolerate sitting under the light is to have my head covered.  The problem is that if I move out from under the blankie I can’t get back under there, so I sneak out from under the UVB light and Mommy flips out.  With this new blankie, I can get out of one pocket and scoot into another.  I will send pictures as soon as Mommy takes some.  For now, here is 2 pictures of my other blankies.  I really do hate that light.

from phone 657 from phone 987

Aunt Fancy

Mommy has a friend coming for the weekend because they are going to the hockey game together.  I am not allowed to put her name on my website because she has someone in her family that is famous and not for the best of moral decisions.  So I will call her Aunt Fancy!

She is very fancy and stylish and has a mansion in Sedona.  Mommy and I went there last December and there is a fireplace in the middle of her living room that flames come out of shiny rocks and it works with a remote control.  Why on earth she chooses to stay at our house is beyond me, but she seems to like it here.

I like it when Aunt Fancy comes to visit because Mommy relaxes and laughs a lot. Aunt Fancy brings presents too.  One time, Mommy got Stevie a tiny little waterfall for his cage so it would be humid in there and he would have an easier time shedding.  On the first night a cricket got sucked into it.  So it broke.  When Aunt Fancy came out, she brought him a big fountain that uses about half his cage.  It is so cool.  When Stevie gets gray and he is ready to shed, Mommy puts his fountain in and Stevie spends almost the entire day on the rock edge.

Aunt Fancy brings me ‘people’ presents.  Stevie gets reptile presents.  I think Aunt Fancy might think I am a people.  She brought me a clock one time that is completely see-through and I spend hours watching all the little gears turn.  I like the gears, but don’t care what time it is.