Rocks are NOT food!

If you ever want to see Mommy freak out, eat a rock.

I didn’t eat one because she took it away from me.  I got to go outside a lot this weekend but Mommy says if I want to go outside again, I have to learn that rocks are not food.  I don’t get it.  She is always trying to get me to expand my horizons:  I ride in a car, I go to her work, I try bananas, but I try to eat one rock and she flips out!

Why humans get sick!

Love the green stuff
Love the green stuff

So, the past week Mommy has been sick.  She’s been sick before, but this time really got on my nerves.  I swear she hasn’t even gotten dressed in a week.  She showers, puts on a baggy t-shirt and the very same bathrobe she had on before the shower.  She says stuff like, “Bob, come sit with me, I’m sick!!!”  Oh puh-leez.  Like I want to get sick.  But she picks me up and puts me on her fuzzy robe where every one of my scales gets stuck, anyway.  Thank goodness that she has a big bottle of the smelliest green stuff that she drinks and it puts her out in minutes, then I can go run around.

I started wondering why humans get sick and dragons don’t.  Dragons are smarter than humans.  This is how a dragon eats: